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5 Fishing Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

1. Use a Safety Pin to Organize Your Hooks by Size

One of the challenges of fishing is changing your hooks quickly while you’re out fishing. If you can’t find the right size quickly, you may end up wasting time going through your whole tackle collection until you find the right hooks. An easy way to fix this is by keeping all hooks of one size together, and a great way to do this is by threading them on to a safety pin, and then storing that in a specific compartment of your tackle box. Of course, you can also use this fishing hack to organize your swivels or jig heads according to size and type.

2. Label Your Fishing Rods With Color Coded Tape

If you have a large collection of fishing rods, and need to change to a different rod power and action quickly, it’s really helpful to be able to pick the right one instantly without having to check those details. A nifty way to do this is by using color coded masking tape to label rods with different action and power, so you can recognize them instantly.

3. Use Unconventional Baits When Fish Aren’t Biting

Often you’ll find that fish lose interest in the conventional baits. That’s when it’s time to try out the more exotic baits, which can include hot dogs, cat food, marshmallows, and many more. Especially when you’re fishing for catfish, one of the best fishing hacks is to use as many rods as possible, and to bait some of them with unconventional baits to see what works best on that day.

4. Use a Gauze Net to Keep Soft Bait on Your Hook

If you’re using bait that’s relatively soft, it tends to fall off your hook, or even to dissolve in the water. It’s really annoying when you wait hours for a bite, only to reel in your hook and realize that all the bait is gone. Good examples of this are chicken liver or cat food, which are great catfish baits, but have a soft consistency. In cases like that, a great fishing hack to keep the bait on the hook is by wrapping a gauze net around it, and tying that down around the hook.

5. Learn How to Get Rid of Baitcaster Birds Nest Quickly

There’s nothing worse than getting serious baitcaster backlash at exactly the moment when the fish are biting like crazy, and you need to get your next cast in the water as fast as possible. Here’s a great fishing hack to get rid of a bird's nest in a few minutes: press down on the spool with your thumb, while rotating the handle for about half a turn. You’ll find that this helps to release the line from the bird's nest. If necessary, repeat this several times until you’re done.


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