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Must-Have Fishing Gear When Out on the Water

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

It’s always better to be over-prepared, than under-prepared when heading out for a trip on the water. Every angler knows that terrible feeling of realizing you forgot something just as you are about to cast that first line. So here are some helpful lists to check before heading out.


Seems like a no-brainer. But make sure you don’t forget the necessities and you are prepared for the unexpected.

  • Head Cover- Offers protection from the sun and rain.

  • Extra Socks- In case the ones you're wearing get wet.

  • Extra Shoes or Boots- Wear proper footwear for each occasion.

  • Waders- If you plan to leave shore and go into the water

  • Pants- They offer better protection than shorts, especially should you encounter biting insects.

  • Jacket or Vest with Pockets- The more pockets, the better!

  • Windbreaker Jacket- Light cover against the elements, including the sun.

  • Rag- To handle your caught fish.

  • Change of Clothes- To keep your vehicle clean, feel fresh, and look presentable if going somewhere after a day out on the water.


Always pack the appropriate gear for the type of fishing you'll be doing. And test your equipment before packing it!

  • Fishing License- Make sure you have the right one for where you are fishing.

  • Rods, Reels, and Line- Pack for the type of fish you hope to catch.

  • Hooks, Sinkers, Swivels, and Corks

  • Bait Buckets and Coolers- If using live bait.

  • Fishing Net- Easier than using your hands to scoop fish out of the water.

  • Long-Nose Pliers- For removing the hook from the fish’s mouth.

  • Knives- To clean the fish on the spot.

  • Ice Chest- Keep the filets cool and fresh.

  • Tape Measure- To record the stats of your catch.

  • Map- Especially if you're unfamiliar with the area and may not have phone service. Also good for marking down your favorite fishing spots.

  • First Aid Kit- For unexpected cuts and scrapes.

  • Sunscreen- SPF 30 or higher.

  • Sunglasses- Protect your eyes (and look stylish doing it.)

  • Insect Repellent

  • Toilet Tissue- Enough said.

  • Camera- To capture your prize catch, of course!


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