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Traveling With Pets: Essential Tips for a Stress-Free Journey

Pets are more than just friends, they're family. So when you gear up for a new adventure, we totally understand the importance of bringing your furry friends along. That's why we put together this guide - to ensure that your travel plans run smoothly, even when exploring new places with your four-legged companions in tow.

Two dogs jumping into the trunk of a car.

Finding Pet-Friendly Destinations

Before finalizing your travel plans, consider researching pet-friendly vacation destinations. These locations often offer accommodations, activities, and amenities that cater to the needs of pets, making it easier for you to find suitable housing, dining options, and leisurely opportunities. This way, you can avoid the hassle of navigating places that may not welcome animals or have restrictive policies and instead, focus on spending quality time with your pets.

A woman taking a selfie of her and her dog on the beach.

Preparing Your Pet

Prior to hittin' the road, it's extremely important to ensure your pets are prepared. Here's some things to add to your checklist:

Vaccinations: Make sure all vaccinations are up-to-date. This will prepare your pet's immune system to fight off harmful diseases, and keep other animals happy and healthy, too. (It'll also keep your wallet happy if an unforeseen vet visit occurs.)

Microchips and/or ID Tags: Microchips contain vital contact information and are implanted under the skin of your pet, making it virtually impossible to tamper with. Should they get lost, microchips increase the likelihood of reuniting with your animal. The same thing goes for ID tags.

Travel Acclimation: Whether it's by train, plane, or car, new places can be scary for pets. Take the proper steps to ensure that your pets are comfortable with their mode of transport. If you plan to travel with an enclosed carrier, be sure to acclimate them well before your departure.

A veterinarian scanning a dog for their microchip to get contact information.

Packing Essentials

Food & Water: Be sure to pack an ample amount of food and water for your trip. Consider investing in collapsable or portable storage containers to make accessibility and clean-up a breeze.

Health & Vaccination Records: Remember those vaccinations we discussed earlier? Well, it would be a smart idea to bring records just in case. (e.g. airlines requiring proof of vaccinations prior to the flight).

Toys/Comfort Items: For nervous or energetic animals, bring some comfort items like blankets, beds, or toys to keep animals occupied. If you're taking public transportation, non-squeaking toys would be ideal as to not disturb others during your travels.

Medication: Ensure your pets receive their medication consistently by carefully preparing dosages to prevent any lapses in their treatment plan.

A small dog sitting in the trunk of a car packed and ready for vacation.

Ensuring Stress-Free Travel

For our especially nervous travelers, there's a few more tips and tricks to put them at ease.

Plan Potty Breaks: Regular breaks allow animals to relieve themselves, stretch out, and hydrate. It brings back some routine normalcy for animals out of their comfort zone.

Explore Pet-Safe CBD: CBD is is a natural and effective way to soothe stressed-out animals, making the experience more manageable for you and them. Consult your veterinarian for dosage and suitability recommendations.

Positive Reinforcement: Reward desired behaviors with treats, praise or affection. This will encourage repeat behavior, making your trip more enjoyable.

Delayed Feeding: Avoid feeding your pets less than six hours before traveling to prevent unwanted motion sickness, digestive issues, or accidents. However, it's still extremely important for your pet to have access to water.

Create or Remove Visual Barriers: Enclosed spaces can provide a sense of security for your pet, preventing over-stimulation. On the other hand, removing visual barriers can alleviate feelings of confinement. It depends on your pet's temperament.

A woman taking a break from the road trip to let her dog take a potty break.

Traveling with animals can be an awesome experience, filled with unforgettable memories and wild adventure. By anticipating obstacles, considering your pet's needs, and incorporating tips from this guide, you'll be well prepared for the road ahead!

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